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  • Exclaire™ Super Detailed Designing and Production - All the designs on Exclaire comes from House of Ferraro and ensure that they are unique by the way they are designed. No one else will ever have the same leggings as you. No See Through - No glitches. We use finest US made material in our apparels. Excellent Fit - Designed to fit perfectly to your body, our unique fabric blend allows you total freedom in motion. A well tested combination of spandex and polyester to balance the flexibility and strength of fabric. Exclaire™ Moisture Distribution Fabric - The moisture is quickly distributed to surface area to quickly pull sweat away from your body to help you stay cool and dry when hot, yet warm when you're cold. This also help to keep you odor-free after a long workout. Cut, sewn, and printed in USA, Chatsworth, California - All our Exclaire™ apparels are made in USA. We do not outsource production to third world countries to ensure that our apparels are not stained with the child-labor on the cost of american jobs. A small portion of sale (5%) goes to Kevin Ferraro in Milan to be donated for education and health improvement programs through various community organizations in India, Comboadia and Rwanda. We support following huminatarion partners and programs: https://www.cry.org/projects/samagra-seva http://www.childrensimprovement.org/about.html http://www.teachrwanda.org/tr-bright-school-campaign/ We won't mind, if you cancel the plan to buy a new dress from us for a while and donate a small sum to any of these initiatives. No dress can bring the joy that comes from giving a helping hand to a child in need.